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tatourammou |  Primrose pink Clutch bag

P R I M R O S E P I N K | MiniClutch


A leather product made entirely by hand, featuring the tatourammou signature stitching and Gold - plated Lock & details. 


Can be held as a wallet or as a little clutch bag. Each piece includes a gold - plated chain which allows it to be worn in 4 more different ways. It can be worn as a cross-over long clutch, as a short clutch with a double chain, diagonally hanging from one shoulder or around the waist as a pouch.


H 130mm x L 180mm   //   Strap Length 150cm

  • M A T E R I A L

    All tatourammou leather products are made from cow suede or nubuck leather and feature a gold plated lock & details as well as a hot stamped tatourammou logo in the back. Soft sheep leather is always used as a lining and the tatourammou signature stitching is always stitched using a 0.8mm durable polyester waxed thread, to ensure it never breaks.

  • W A R R A N T Y

    This wallet is covered with a 2 year warranty and includes Care Instructions in the packaging. If for any reason your wallet fails to survive the two year timeframe given by the warranty due to technical construction issues in our part, we will repair it for free of we might even replace it with a pristine new one.


    As your product ages the colours may fade and change a little bit, as in all natural products, but if you love and take care of it enough it will stay with you forever.

  • P r o d u c t i o n & D e l i v e r y

    Each wallet takes around 10 hours of manual cutting, assemblace and stiching.Our stock is very limited so there is a high chance you might have to wait 5-10 working days depending on the amount of orders we have in queuecue. 


    Most of our products are made to order. This way we save energy and avoid unnecessary labour & material waste. After all, we are using natural materials coming from our mother earth. We don't want to waste them, we honour them!

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