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(Terms of Use and Terms of Sale)


Last Updated: June 21, 2021

1.1.  General Information: This e-shop ( belongs to the “CONSCIOUS LUXURY MOVEMENT PRIVATE COMPANY”, which has as object the manufacture and trade of silk and leather goods and constitutes an established service provider, with respect to the Presidential Order 131/2003, which incorporated Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market.

1.2.  Information of Electronic Established Service Provider:

       Telephone number: +30 213 0094 713 email:

       Number of General Commercial Register:

       VAT Number: 800907029

       Tax Authority: Kifisia


2. General Terms

2.1. Force: The continuation of use of our E-shop constitutes that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not agree or accept any of the terms and conditions of our E-shop below, which are all considered substantial, please stop browsing in our E-shop and disconnect immediately.

2.2. Amendments of Terms: In order to improve the services we are offering you, we reserve the right to unilaterally amend any term or condition of our E-shop, if we consider it necessary, if it is required by law or if our trade policy changes. For your convenience, please get informed for the content of our terms and conditions of our E- shop regularly. In the case that any of the terms and conditions below would be decided as abusive, it would stop being in force, without in any circumstances affecting the force of the rest terms and conditions.

2.3. Limitation of Liability: We inform you that we take all possible efforts and diligence for the continuous and undisrupted function of our E-shop. However, we will absolutely not have any responsibility in the case that any disruption which is caused by force majeure or for instance by delay of our network, strike, or error of function of your computer or your network, which will cause damage to you or a third party. In addition to this, all pages and subpages of our e-shop include links to other websites/webpages/social networks, which are not under our supervision, and henceforth, we inform you that we will have no liability whatsoever for any damage which may be caused to you or third parties by clicking those links which these websites/webpages/social networks use. Finally, the content of our E-shop is offered for browsing and use on a “as is” basis and in this respect we do not have any responsibility or offer you any guarantee about its validity, completeness, accuracy, merchantability, timeliness, or suitability.


2.4. Liability – Consumer: The use of our E-shop and specifically the use of our services and data are located within its limits by the consumer must be conducted always with respect to the doctrines of good will and fair trade practices. Any unfair and/or illegal use of our e-shop will be prosecuted by the competent judicial authority.

2.5. Out of Court Settlements: Any dispute which might emerge will be resolved in accordance with the procedure which is provided by article 11 of law 2251/1994 (A’ 191), as it is in force, for the protection of consumers. In the case that any dispute is not resolved out of court, competent courts for its adjudication will be the civil courts of Athens. The Governing law of this terms and conditions is the Greek Law.

3.  The Agreement

3.1.  Technical stages before entering into an agreement


3.1.1. Browsing through our Products: In order to view our products, you need to click on the link “COLLECTION” which is on the top right corner of our page. As you browse through our collection you will see in small photographs our products. Below each photograph is provided the name, the colour and the dimensions of the product. If you wish more information regarding any of our products, or you wish to purchase it you may click on it. By clicking on it, you will be transferred on its subpage where you will have the ability to explore more and bigger photographs of the product from various angles. In addition to that, in this subpage you may be informed regarding the technical characteristics of the selected product (e.g. size, dimensions, etc) and you may choose the product of your preference. The price of the product is also provided on this subpage.


3.1.2. Selection of Products – Shopping Cart: After selecting the product in the size and colour of your preference, you may wish to purchase the selected product. In order to purchase a product, the first thing you will have to do is to click the button “ADD TO CART”. By doing so, your choice will be added to your cart, in which you may, at any time, have access by clicking the illustrated CART icon which is located at the upper right corner of our E-shop. After clicking on the ADD TO CART button, a pop up will be generated on the right of your screen automatically. By clicking on the VIEW button you will be automatically transferred to your cart. At your cart page, you may change the quantity of the units of the product you wish to buy by entering the amount in the box indicating quantity. At any time you may remove completely the product from your cart by pressing the “x” button. Should you have any discount codes, you may enter them on the bottom left corner of your shopping cart where the ENTER A PROMO CODE box. In your shopping cart you have the ability to check the unit price of each product you have selected, the subtotal for each product and the Grand Total of your order, along with the applied VAT and any other applicable taxes. If you wish to continue your shopping after the selection of a product, cruise along the site with no worry, your cart will be saved and ready any moment. If you wish to

proceed to Checkout you may press the button with the indication “CHECKOUT”.

3.1.3. Proceed to Checkout: At the checkout phase, the first thing you will have to do is to select the checkout method. However, if you are planning to visit our store again in the future and want to be able to receive information regarding our products and offers from time to time at your email address as well as faster checkout the next time you visit and easy access to your order history and status, it is strongly recommended that you register with our e-shop. If you have already registered with our e-shop, then simply type in the relevant boxes your registration email address and password and press the button with the indication “Login”. In the event that you will forget your login details you may click on the button with the indication “Forgot your password” and then you will be able to recover your login details by following a simple procedure.

3.1.4. Shipping Details: The next step is to provide us with your shipping information. You will be asked to fill in the boxes your first and last name or the name of the company you are acting for, your email address, your address (city, state, province, postal code, country, etc), and your telephone and fax numbers. The fields that have an asterisk are mandatory. If you wish to ship the products to a different address, then select the option “ship to a different address” and then press the button with the indication “Continue”. In the same manner you may complete the information of the address you wish us to ship the products, if it is different with the billing address. When you complete filling in the information press the button with the indication “Continue” and you will be immediately transferred to the shipping Method Section.

3.1.5. Shipping Method: At the Shipping Method Section, you will have the ability to check again the shipping information you have entered. If any of the information provided is wrong, press the button with the indication “Change” in order to correct it. At this page, is provided the flat fixed cost of the shipping service for your products. If you agree with the shipping costs and the information you have provided is correct, then press the button with the indication “Continue” to move on to the Payment Information Section.

3.1.6. Payment Information: At the Payment Information section, you may select the payment method for your products. Currently we support Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron and Maestro credit card payments. Choose the credit card of your preference and press the button with the indication “Continue” to go to the order section where you can add your credit card details.


3.1.7. Order Review: At the order review section, you will see the products you have selected, their characteristics, their quantity, their price, their shipping costs and the applicable taxes. You also have the ability to remove or add an item even at this stage by pressing the button with the indication “Edit Your Cart”. If you agree with your order then by pressing the button with the indication “Place Order” you will be transferred to a Secure Payment Environment (verified by visa).


3.1.8. Final Payment and entering into an agreement: At the Secure Payment Environment we will finally provide you with your order details: (name of our company, address of our e-shop, order number, transaction name, date and time of order, payment method, and total price) and you will be able to fill in the boxes with your credit card

details. At the box name “Card number” please insert your credit card number. At the box name “Expiration date” please insert the expiry date of your card. At the box name “Name on card” please insert the name of the card holder and finally, at the “card verification code” box, please insert the last three digits from the number at the back of your credit card. At this point, you reach the final stage of your purchase process. If you press the button with the green indication “Please proceed with payment” then you will be entering into a final agreement with our company and your order will be considered as placed through the payment services of Eurobank. The price of the goods, the shipping costs and the taxes will be withdrawn from your credit card. Otherwise, you may still cancel the transaction if you, instead, select the button with the indication “Cancel”,


3.2. Contract Archiving: We would like to inform you that in accordance with paragraph b of article 9 of Presidential Order 131/2003, all agreement that you will enter with our company will be archived. At any time you may access any agreement that you have entered with our company by writing to as an email with your request at the email address .


3.3. Language of the Agreement: The terms and conditions of our agreement are currently only in the English language.



4.  Consumer Protection


4.1. Shipping of Goods: We ship our goods worldwide by DHL, the Greek Post Authority, and other shipping companies which you may find in our e-shop. In the case that you will have the ability in the future to select your own shipping provider, we inform you that the risk of the goods (regarding delivery or fault) will be transferred to you at the time we hand the goods to your shipping provider. The cost of shipping is paid by the consumer. You may be informed about the shipping costs, at the shipping method step of your order (see above 3.1.5). If the goods are shipped outside the European Union, it is the consumer’s responsibility to get informed regarding any applicable import taxes, licenses, etc., that may be required by the relevant authorities of the import nation. CONSCIOUS LUXURY MOVEMENT PRIVATE COMPANY does not have any responsibility whatsoever that may emerge regarding any applied taxes or other charges by the authorities of the country that the goods are delivered.


4.2. Delivery of Goods: We would like to inform you that we will take all reasonable efforts, in order to deliver the goods that you have purchased as soon as possible. The usual time of delivery is as follows: a) the shipments within Greece are delivered within three (3) to five (5) business days, b) the shipments within the states of the European Union are delivered within five (5) to seven (7) business days and c) the shipments outside the European Union are delivered within five (5) to ten (10) business days. In the unlike event that your order is not delivered within twenty (20) business days, you will have the right to cancel your purchase and ask for your money to be returned in full, without incurring any cost.


4.3.  Right to Cancel: With respect to paragraph 1 of article 3e of Law 2251/1994 you have the right to cancel any purchase from our e-shop, within fourteen (14) days from the time of agreement, without any obligation from your part to provide us with the reason for the cancellation and without any charge, except from those provided in paragraph 2 of article 3i and article 3k of the same law.


4.4.  Enforcement of right to cancel: In order to enforce your right to cancel your purchase, within the limitation period of article 4.3., you must inform us regarding your decision. In order to communicate to us your decision to cancel the agreement you must use and complete the template regarding “Cancellation of Agreement”, as provided by part B of schedule 1 of Law 2241/1994. You may find this template at schedule one of these terms and conditions or you may request as to send you one to your email address by writing to us at If you do not have internet access you may communicate your decision by giving us a call  (see 1.2 above).


4.5. Effect of right to cancel – Obligations of CONSCIOUS LUXURY MOVEMEMENT MON IKE.: If legally and within the limitation period you exercise your right to cancel your purchase, we will return you every payment that we have received from you, including if it is the case, the costs of delivery, without any unreasonable delay and surely within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day that were informed regarding your decision to cancel the purchase. The return of your money will take place by using the same means that you used to complete the purchase which you have cancelled, except if you agree otherwise and only under the condition that you will not be charged with additional costs emerging through the cancellation process. Nevertheless, we inform you that we will withhold all payments, until we receive back the goods of which you are cancelling the purchase or until you provide us with undoubtable evidence that you have shipped back all the goods, whichever happens first.


4.6. Effect of right to cancel – Obligations of the consumer: The consumer has the obligation to return the cancelled goods without any unreasonable delay and within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date that you have communicated to us your decision to cancel your purchase. Regarding the costs of returning, you will only incur the direct shipping costs for shipping the goods back to us. The consumer is responsible to return the goods in a good condition. If upon return of the goods we examine them and evaluate that there has been a reduction in their price which as a result of their use, (except if the reduction in the price is a result of the ordinary use which is required in order to determine the nature, the characteristics and the function of the products), we may chose not to accept return or we may choose to charge you the cost of repair, whichever is more suitable.


4.7.  Exception from the right to cancel: We inform you that the aforementioned right to cancel cannot be exercised in the case that the goods are products that have been extensively worn, after their delivery to the consumer, due to health reasons. In the case that you wish to return / change any of the purchased products that have been delivered to you and you have opened, please communicate with our support personnel by sending an email to or by giving us a call (see 1.2. above for contact information).


4.8.  Responsibility for real defects: These terms and conditions do not limit or cancel the rights you are conferred and you may exercise along with our responsibility regarding real defects and lack of particular admitted characteristics with respect to articles 534 etc of the Greek Civil Code.


5.  Use and Guarantee


5.1. General: Please see the guarantee leaflet inside the package of each product for particular conditions, which prevail over these terms.


5.2. Use of Products: Full written instructions regarding the use of our products are provided within the package of each product. Please read carefully the instructions for the use, preservation, and performance of our products.


5.3. Life expectancy: We inform you that the reasonable life expectancy of our products that may be used (in accordance with their intended use), even after repair or replacement, until the wear renders them useless or their prolonged use renders them economically not affordable is thirty six (36) months, due to the natural materials that are used for their production.


5.4. Duration of Guarantee: Usually we provide a guarantee of six (6) moths for all of our products. The commencement of the six (6) month period must be proved by the presentation of the product’s invoice, which has been issued from an authorized tatourammouTM dealer or our e-shop and received the consumer at the time of sale.


5.5. Coverage: The warranty does not cover defects such us scratches, or broken parts which may be caused by improper use of the product. The consumer is informed that due to the fact that our products are made by natural materials and are handmade, it is not possible for us to manufacture two products which are 100% identical. In this respect, please understand that we do not cover claims that are based on “small discrepancies” between products represented in our catalogues, stores or samples and the actual product sold. Yet, we will provide the consumer with high quality products which: a) will correspond to their description to a high degree and have almost the same elements as the ones represented in our catalogues, stores or samples, b) are fit for the purpose of their ordinary use, c) are fit for the purpose that usually silk and leathers goods are sold and d) have the usual quality and performance that silk and leather products have of the same type and that could be reasonably expected by the consumer, taking into account the nature of the product and the public representations of CONSCIOUS LUXURY MOVEMENT  P.C. and in particular the elements of the products in the context of advertisement.


5.6. Exceptions: Our guarantee policy does not cover claims for issues that the consumer had knowledge of or could not reasonably had ignored at the time of sale. Our policy does not cover any claims for defects of the product that will result by any alteration, or any other intervention in the product.


5.7. Procedure: Please follow the instructions provided within the package of the product you have purchased. If you have any enquiries regarding the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our personnel at the contact details we have provided you (see 1.1. above) or write to us at



6.  Privacy Policy, Use of Date and Intellectual Property


6.1. Cookies: We inform you that our e-shop may use cookies. Cookies are small files with information that our e-shop saves and installs in your computer and every time you log in to our e-shop from your computer, you allow us to recover this information and offer you services regarding such information (i.e. preference to a particular type of products). If you do not wish to have cookies installed in your computer, please stop using the services of our e-shop and disconnect immediately. By continuing using our e-shop and accepting our terms and conditions, you irrevocably gives us your consent to install and save cookies in your computer, after informing you with respect to paragraph 1 of article 11 of law 2472/1997, as it is in use today.


6.2. Personal Data: In order to enter into an agreement with our e-shop for the purchase of any products it is required that you disclose and register certain personal information, which we legally need to recognise your identity and/or to be able to communicate with you. The personal data that will be asked is your first and last name or the name of the company you are acting for, your email address, your address (city, state, province, postal code, country, etc), and your telephone and fax numbers. Under no circumstances we will dispose or make public your personal information to third parties which are not connected with our e-shop, before we receive your consent, except in the occasions that the law provides, with respect to paragraph 1(b) of article 7A of law 2472/1997. Our e-shop may process parts from or all of the information you have disposed and registered with us for reasons of improvement of our services and other statistic reasons. In the event that you wish to enquire regarding the existence of your personal file or its amendment or its change or its deletion, do not hesitate to contact our customer services personnel at or by any other means of communication (please see 1.2. above).


6.3. Intellectual Property: This e-shop, along with its contents (texts, photographs, videos, drawings, plans, sounds, logos, trademarks, etc) belongs to CONSCIOUS LUXURY MOVEMENT PRIVATE COMPANY (see 1.1. above). Any registration, reproduction, copy, distribution or any act that may interfere or insult those intellectual property rights, without our written consent, is strictly prohibited. Any violation will be prosecuted by the competent civil/criminal courts.

Agreement Cancelation Template

C O N T A C T I N G   U S

Please submit any questions you have about these Terms and Conditions or an order you have placed by email to or by telephone to  +30 6978 480 376 between the hours of 9am to 9pm Eastern Europe Summer Time, Monday to Friday.


Updated June 21, 2021.

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